Starry eyed? We sure are! You'll be sure to get those stares and for good reason! Our unique criss cross pattern creates a very beautiful look to your lashes and you get a lot of full lash drama focusing on the centre of your lids. These lashes are especially great for those with smaller eyes who can never get that desired lash look once the ends are trimmed too much. Not only that but our comfortable cotton band creates a super flexible and lightweight lash band that stays put all day long. These silk falsies are sure to satisfy your lash drama and really up your eye makeup game. 


All of our 3D Silk Falsies are 100% vegan, handmade and animal cruelty free. Please note all lashes are made using a synthetic silk poly-fibre blend.

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my review
Written by donna on 2018 May 11th

very easy to put on and they are super comfy with a very light band which i really like. these are really good for work and everyday use without being over dramatic.

my review
Written by nara on 2018 Apr 23rd

I really like it, so easy to ware and the band is. very good quality. Beautifully made for everyday use

Written by Mey on 2018 Mar 26th

Just received my order & I absolutely love it. Lightweight just like how it is described. I usually do not wear lashes, because it give me a light migraine.

Beginner's best friend
Written by Tina on 2018 Feb 13th

I really loved how these looked and I was saving up ever since Tati (@glamlifeguru) mentioned how amazing they are on her snapchat. I am so happy to say that she's absolutely right. These are so easy to apply, very high quality lashes and light weight on the eyes. I wore them from morning to midnight yesterday and I honestly forgot I was wearing them. I have never received so many compliments before PLUS they last such a long time! I was holding out on my review because I wanted to use them for a good month or so and I've been using them for at least 40 times now. I'm excited for the new lashes. This brand is such a great find! I also splurged on the lipsticks and they are exceptional as well. A truly amazing brand.

so easy to apply
Written by donna on 2018 Jan 5th

I really love these lashes. They are very natural for everyday and I love how easy they are to wear. I saw Tati @glamlifeguru rave about them a while ago on her snapchat and had to try them out. I have been wearing these nonstop for the past 2 months now and I really can't stop. Just ordered a few backups and decided to try some new styles. I love how light they feel and how soft they are.

the best lash bands
Written by naomi on 2017 Dec 17th

these are so easy to apply. i'm new to the lash game so i was scared to order these and not being able to use them but i love them. ive veen wearing them nonstop for over a month now and they are still going strong and holding up very well. the lash band is the best thing. i can't wait to try other styles now.

nice and light
Written by lisa on 2017 Dec 16th

I really love the lash band on these and they are amazingly easy to apply. I really was looking for something that's not heavy on my eyes and works for smaller set eyes as well so I'm happy with these.

Written by Dorothy Teton on 2017 Aug 19th

I really like these lashes. They are very easy to apply and they feel very good on the lids as well. I have a bit of saggy skin as I am 55 and I needed lashes that are natural as well. I'm very happy with these.

monolid eyes dream
Written by Olivia Kim on 2017 Aug 7th

I'm a monolid and have a very hard time with lashes but these were perfect for me. Tha lash band is very thin and its flexible to the point where it actually stays puts on my eyes.

can't have enough
Written by Nadia on 2017 Jun 21st

Just ordered another pair! I'm in love with this style in particular but now I'm dying to try out the newer styles. I just wear this everyday, the band is so light and it looks so natural.

what's to say I love them
Written by nari on 2017 May 25th

I just got these a few days and can't stop wearing them everywhere. I love how they compliment my eyes. Will have to try the other ones too now.

really great pairs for everyday
Written by Amber on 2017 Feb 24th

I have reordered these so many times because I love to keep extras for my clients and also for myself. I love the new rewards program too, it definitalely helps to get a discount each time you shop.

my current favorites
Written by Tanya Commeford on 2016 Dec 29th

These lashes are my favorites right now. I wear them literally every day and I've gotten so many uses out of them. The quality is amazing and I just ordered another pair and the newer lashes in Emma and Lena.

whispy and dainty
Written by steph on 2016 Dec 14th

I really like these lashes, are light and dainty, luv how whispy they are on the eyes.

super cute
Written by Alysha K. on 2016 Dec 6th

I love how the hairs are soft and not crazy long and fake lookinh. This style makes my eyes look incredible!!!

nice ones
Written by Samira S on 2016 Nov 22nd

these are great for everyday wear. the band is also not too thick. i really like this brand.

Written by Anna Tsung on 2016 Nov 22nd

These lashes are SOOO gorgeous! I'm not really into crazy volume so I wanted something natural and not over the top and these were it! I love their lashes and they really are super soft and gorgeous. I'm definitely purchasing these again and have gotten sooo many compliments. People can't tell I'm wearing falsies so I'm loving it. I highly recommend the Amrita, Lala and Roya lashes are newbies like me! I'm going to get Julia and the newer ones soon!