Part of our INVISIBLE LASH LINE collection - this lash style is unique and super blendable. With an invisible lash line no one will ever know where your lashes begin and where these lashes start!

Our most desired lash style by far! Lena gives you absolutely amazing volume, lengthening your lashes and taking your makeup game to new heights. Volume is concentrated towards the base of the cotton band and intertwined with longer lash hairs that extend outwards - giving you that sexy whispy lash look. 


All of our 3D Silk Falsies are 100% vegan, handmade and animal cruelty free.

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nice ones
Written by Hafeesa on 2017 Aug 2nd

very nice ما شاء الله

I have to wear these all the time
Written by sandra sanchez on 2017 Jun 21st

I picked these up a few weeks back and also went to Sephora and grabbed some of velour's and hudas lashes but I love the way these look on my eyes. I can't stop wearing them and I have already gotten my girlfriends hooked too. Can't wait for more styles.

wore em to my wedding!
Written by Patricia Alonzo on 2017 May 27th

so in love with these lashes! everytime the month ends I have to grab another pair. love them so such I even wore them to my wedding 2 months ago. and now I see you guys went ahead and released lipsticks! you're killing meeee lol.

Written by Sunita Patel on 2017 Mar 16th

I'm in love with them! my fav lashes everr!!!!

just re-ordered more
Written by Tessa on 2017 Jan 18th

These are my favorite lashes by far. I was searching for lashes that weren't mink as I'm vegan and do not wear nor support anything that harms animals. I love that these are cruelty free and super light on my eyes. Beautiful lashes for sure.

my holy grail
Written by Megan Lee on 2016 Dec 28th

these lashes are fabulous and they are super sexy! Just ordered another pair.

Written by Katie Callahan on 2016 Dec 12th

These are my favourite lashes now. I cannot go anywhere without wearing them. And for the amount of volume they provide I love that they are super light. I'm in love with this brand's bands for their lashes. great find and will definitely re-purchase!