Ever wanted to have dark luscious lashes without the mascara? We've got you covered! Our lashes in Sophia contain pieces of silk fibres spun together to provide a stunning look to your eyes. You definitely do not need any mascara with these lashes. 


Our silk falsies can be used upto 25+ times with proper care and storage. Our slim, flexible cotton band makes it super easy to apply our lashes every time.

All of our 3D Silk Falsies are 100% vegan, handmade and animal cruelty free. Please note all lashes are made using a synthetic silk poly-fibre blend.


* Sophia lashes contain more silk fibres per lash hair therefore they are a bit stiffer than the other styles, however the lash band is still light and comfortable.

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Written by Sarah on 2018 Apr 21st

I really like these lashes. They have a really natural look to them and it's as if I'm wearing mascara. Very pretty!