Beauty trends 2020 #quarantinechronicles

Beauty trends 2020 #quarantinechronicles

Published by Amrita on 2020 May 4th

Social media is always showcasing the latest trends in pretty much everything. So as a makeup enthusiast, I wanted to break down the current trends you probably have seen while browsing Instagram and Tik Tok.

1. Fox eyes

This is by far my favourite trend right now. I am obsessed with the sexy, elongated shape that it gives the eyes and believe me after scouring the internet looking for some amazing tutorials on this look, one of my personal favs - Smitha Deepak has killed it again!

Check out her tutorial below:

2. Blush x²

Keeping it simple with a lot of Asian inspired beauty rituals has been in full go this 2020 following COVID-19. But who says you can't add some colour? Amping up on blush - especially cream blushes (Thank you RiRi) is totally on trend. 


A multi stick that can act as an eyeshadow, blush and lip shade is also very in tune with keeping it minimal and easy breezy. 

3. Floating eyeliner

Kinda obsessed not gonna lie... and add a pop of colour (neons hellooo!) and you are super on trend for Summer 2020. 

This is a softer take on it's cousin the graphic eyeliner and super minimal if you can perfect this eyeliner art.

4. Watercolour eyeshadows

Soft pastel shades are IT. I know they always make a debut every Spring and Summer but we are talking about using contrasting colours and really creating some gorgeous work.

Complimentary colours? Who cares! The name of the game is creativity. 

5. Bedazzle away.

Glitter is always around when it comes to bedazzling your face/body/clothing - you name it, and let's just say you'd have to pretty much set fire to everything you own to get rid of the glitter mess afterwards... but that's another story for another day. What I'me talking about is rhinestones, pearls, pretty much anything to embellish your face to up your makeup game. 

A bit of advice - body glue is your friend if you decide to take this look outside once quarantine season is over. Hello Coachella! For now, channel your inner Gaga and put on a show in front of that bathroom mirror.

6. Neon POP!

Neon was all the rage when it came to clothing last year but now it's slowly creeping it's way onto our makeup vanity. We're talking about pops of neon eyeshadows, lipsticks and eyeliners. Here are some of my favourite looks.

With a lot of time to get creative during this quarantine, the trends will keep on coming. What other trends have you seen so far? I'd love to hear from you. 

PS. If you haven't noticed, we now have a comment section below! YAY! So join the conversation and let us know what you'd love me to cover in a future post or chime in to share what makeup trends you're currently loving or hating on. 

Stay safe. ♥️

* On a serious note guys, please practice social distancing and adhere to the health advisories set out in your areas. I know with Summer just around the corner it will be harder to stay indoors but please remember that by following the advice of our health officials and our Government we can quickly say bye to COVID-19. 

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