About us

Lady Burgundy is a brand made out of love and it attracts literally everyone because of its diversity and attention to detail (have you seen our packaging?!). Not only is our colour range unique and varied - but so are our shade names. Gone are the days when you could be sure you'd never find a shade that worked for your skin tone. We have it here!

Back in 2013, I was finishing up medical school and I used to stay up quite late blogging, learning new makeup techniques via YouTube, and constantly reading about the latest trends in the beauty world. I've always had a duality to my personality and after a long day of diagnosing and treating illnesses - makeup was just an escape which turned into a love affair. I would stay up all night writing down ideas, sketching packaging and just imagining how amazing it would be to create something that catered to more women and men like me.  Inclusivity and representation is improving now in the Beauty industry but it wasn’t the case years ago. As a Canadian woman of Indian ethnicity, I struggled to find a great nude lipstick ALWAYS or see a model that looked like me. I never saw much representation at that time and I wanted to change all of that but actually starting something terrified me. I was hesitant for quite a while but was encouraged by a loved one to at least give it a try and so I started researching every night. I would look up labs into the early morning and then rush to the hospital to start my shift. It was a crazy time for me and sadly for 2 long years it led to nothing but closed doors. 

Every email that I sent out was usually either never replied back to or simply quoted back with a very high price tag to start. It was definitely one of the lowest points and although I had my degree and a promising career, I wanted more. One fateful day just when everything looked hopeless I received an email from a lab in Toronto who decided to give me a shot after countless back and forth. I still remember they told me it was my persistence that finally led them to give me a chance - and believe me I was grateful! This is how Lady Burgundy began and to be honest when the first 5 shades for the Lips x Matte collection launched, I bawled my eyes out. And now when I scroll through the website I'm at a loss for words at how far we've come. It's been quite the journey and I thank you all for the love and support so many of you have shown Lady Burgundy. Thank you for supporting my dream. xo


- Amrita
CEO & Co-founder