Beat the Boredom #quarantinechronicles

Beat the Boredom #quarantinechronicles

Quarantine is officially a part of our lives for the time being and after my anxiety got the best of me a few days ago, I knew that I needed to schedule activities into my day to stay on top of my sanity. It's tough doing nothing all day and although we are extremely blessed to be able to have this first world problem - we have to remember that watching Netflix all day and eating junk can really affect our immune system. 

So here are my personal tips for staying sane during this time. 


Even if you are an introvert like me, there is always someone who makes you feel better the instance you see their face or call them. Schedule some time to check in with an old friend who you haven't spoken to and if calls or video chats aren't your thing - then hey there's always good ol' Whatsapp.


I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano and there's a keyboard that's been in my Amazon shopping cart since FOREVER. You best believe it's time to finally use all of this time to my advantage. If an instrument isn't exactly your cup of tea - why not dive into some new music or introduce yourself to another genre of music or a new artist? 

Music definitely soothes the soul. 


What if I told you there are Universities around the world (including Harvard and other IVY league colleges) that are offering FREE courses. YES! There are so many options when it comes to what you can learn, from courses in English literature, archaeology to learning a new language. It's literally at your fingertips thanks to free resources. 

Why not set aside an hour of your day to learning something you've always wanted?

Here's the link to check out some free classes:


Eating junk and watching shows all day is not the best way to stay indoors during this time. Definitely make sure you are moving around while at home. There are tons of free fitness apps thanks to your smartphone and loads of fitness trainers on Instagram who are offering free workout tips. 

Here are some amazing Instagram accounts to follow for workout tips:




There are also some amazing apps that you can download on your smartphone for workouts.

Some of my personal favs include: Nike Training club and Leap fitness group workouts (they have a lot of different apps built in to what you want to train).


Who doesn't love to eat? But! This is your chance to explore an entirely different cuisine or maybe perfect a recipe that you never had time for. I recently bought an Insta Pot and let me tell you, the amount of recipes I've cook across make cooking fun again. If you are more into sweet treats, why not learn a new dessert? 

I've always wanted to learn how to make my own pasta, so why not start now? 

6. READ. 

This one is pretty self explanatory. I'm sure there must be a book on your shelf that's been collecting dust for ages. I always find myself buying a novel from Indigo and never actually having the time to go through them all... So there's no excuse now. If you aren't into novels per se, why not take a shot at reading some poetry with a nice cup of tea (or your beverage of choice). 


Honestly, art is so soothing for the soul. And you don't need to be Van Gogh or the next Pablo to get in on the action. 

Bust out some watercolours and if painting isn't your scene, grab some coloured pencils and go to town with a colouring book and some music in the background. Still not feeling it? Here are some other avenues of art to explore:

- Calligraphy
- Poetry (hey you can write a few couplets!)
- Sketching
- Perfecting a makeup look
- Lip art


This is the time to tackle some to do's on your list that have been there since New years. We all have some room in our home that needs some desperate attention. Get organized by clearing out those papers that are silently building a mountain on your work space - or maybe organize your clothes and donate the ones you don't wear anymore. Let's Marie Kondo this ish! 


Pretty much everyone has access to games, be it Nintendo, playstation or even some puzzles. I've been playing Jenga again and it's been a fun way to hang out with family. Not into board games or puzzles? 

Lego has a million things you can build, so why not pick a fun project to complete each night before bed. I'm totally eyeing their Harry Potter sets... 


Museums are now offering you a look inside from the comfort of your own home. Here are some to explore below:

The Louvre -

Smithsonian National Museum of Nation History -

The Dalí Theatre Museum -

The Vatican Museums -

The National Women's History Museum -

Google has also helped compile a list of beautiful collections and exhibitions from around the world. You can explore art from around the world by clicking here.

Miss travelling? I know being there virtually isn't the same, but why not get an idea of the beautiful streets and colour that your favourite city has to offer? To really add to the experience, put on some headphones, play some relaxing music and explore the streets from the comfort of your own home.

Just type in your destination of choice here and get exploring!


If you are fortunate enough to do so, please donate to a good cause or help out any way you can. Here are some ways you can help those affected by COVID-19.

A lot of local hospitals actually do need hospital masks and other protective equipment. Before donating anything please follow their instructions on their respective websites. There are a lot of hospital mask tutorials if you'd like to give back and get crafty at the same time. Here's one of my favs, Smitha Deepak, showing you how:

Here are some other ways to give back:

- Donate to a charity in your area. Don't know any? Ask others in your area.
- While organizing your wardrobe at home, donate some gently used clothing to others.
- Donate to a local soup kitchen if you have any extra food at home.
- Spread the word to others on how they can also give back.
- Give back by educating others on maintaining social distancing and staying away from large group gatherings.


It's a tough time out there for many people. Posting a comment to a stranger's Insta post can also be an act of kindness that doesn't cost you anything. Here are some things you can do spread love that are free.

- Reach out to a neighbour by leaving them a note and let them know you're there for them.
- Give your grandparents a call or someone in your family who you haven't spoken to in a while.
- Hug your pet.
- Send your partner/family/friends a funny meme to brighten their day
- Shoutout your favourite local small business in a post or leave them some love on their social account
- Follow some new people on social media. Say something nice to them in the comments section.
- Give a shoutout to someone who is always commenting and supporting you online.

I hope these tips to beat the boredom help you all out. This post in itself took me quite a while, but I hope you bookmark it and try at least a few of the tips above. Drop me a comment below if you think of any more things to do OR if you try any of the tips above.

Much love. Stay safe. 



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