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No dry days

When I talk about dry days.. it's all about skincare. Trust me when I tell you ashy skin has been the bane of my Winter woes for a long time....

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The Journey

"Lady Burgundy has always been a brand which stood for inclusiveness and authenticity. I do try to cater to the underrepresented in terms of the types of lip shades we create and I did want to create something that I felt was missing in the industry. My Indian heritage and being a South Asian woman are such a huge part of who I am so of course it does shine through in all the work I do and the products that are launched. The struggles of finding shades that flatter my complexion really set the tone for a lot of the lip shades that I personally worked on. One of our most popular shades to date is Priya and it was actually the very first shade that was finalised in the lab." 

                                                                                                               - Amrita (Co-founder & CEO)

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