Indo-gypsy fusion ft. Vipul Shah

Indo-gypsy fusion ft. Vipul Shah

When it comes to handbags, I love a good timeless bag that you can pretty much wear with everything but every now and then I come across a creation that really has me in awe.

Vipul Shah has managed to do just that with his amazing fusion of eclectic charm and an ode to the rich, vibrant tapestry which is Indian textiles. It's no surprise though as Shah himself hails from a family that has an extensive background in the textile industry and started their own family business in 1984. Bringing together textile patterns from Afghanistan and Indian states like Gujarat and Udaipur - Shah has managed to create colourful and eye-catching handbags that feel like you're holding onto a piece of history. 

In an interview with Lifestyle Asia magazine, Shah described his brand ethos as:

"Indo-gypsy fusion with a modern flair. Our label is synonymous with bohemian luxury that’s truly one of a kind. But, more importantly, it is an endeavour to preserve and sustain a very special tradition in the history of Indian handicrafts."

It's no surprise that his fusion of Indian textiles with accessories has caught the eye of many A-listers in Bollywood and Hollywood alike. Currently I have several of his pieces on my wish list. With every piece being unique, you truly have an original unlike anyone else. 


Where to buy? Here's where you can get your hands on an original Vipul Shah handbag: 

Vipul Shah's Instagram


Which one catches your eye? Share your current favourite handbag in the comments below. 

Photo credits: Cosmopolitan India
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