Summer trends to look out for

Summer trends to look out for

It's been a pretty "indoor" year and this may still be the case for Spring and Summer but that doesn't mean you can't experiment with your make up looks. I wanted to dive in and look at the trends you can expect to see this Spring and Summer 2021. And if you have any you want to add - feel free to mention it in the comments below.


1. Rosy cheeks

Woman with rosy cheeks

It's all about rosy cheeks with flawless, minimal makeup. Cream blushes have really made a comeback and we are obsessed. Tower28 Beauty has some gorgeous Tinted blush balms that are all the rage and won't break the bank.


2. Peach - toned everything

Women wearing a peach toned lipstick

I've always been obsessed with coral/orange lipsticks and this trend is so me. Whether you want to dab on an orange toned cream blush or a gorgeous lipstick - peach tones look amazing on everyone. Check out our Summer collection to explore our best-sellers to beat the heat.


3. Freckles and minimal makeup

Woman with natural freckles

This trend has been going strong since last year and you can expect it to stick around for a while. Not blessed with natural freckles? No problem! Grab your favourite waterproof graphic eyeliner and you can replicate tiny freckles in an instant.


4. Bold lips and minimal makeup

Woman with bold lipstick and minimal makeup

I use to do this a lot in the Fall and Winter but this Summer it looks like bold lips with minimal or no makeup has become popular. You can just grab your favourite berry or red lip and rush out the door (or to the next room).


5. Neon eyeliner

Yellow graphic eyeliner

Pretty self explanatory. A classic cat-eye can be cooler with a neon graphic eyeliner - why not go for a hot pink or a neon yellow?


6. Glossy lips and flawless skin

Woman smiling with glossy lips and glowing skin

A light foundation or even a tinted moisturiser can give you that "no makeup" makeup look that everyone envies. Top it off with a "your lips but better" gloss to get a gorgeous minimal look.


7. Pink toned makeup

Woman with pink toned makeup

Summer makeup is all about rose toned shades and a dewy pink makeup look is always on trend. There are no rules here, so pair a pink eyeshadow with a pink toned lip shade and even top that off with a cream based pink blush. 


So which trend is calling your name? And if you're not one to really follow trends - what's your current go to makeup look?

Photo credits: Pinterest
Cover art by Brunna Mancuso


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